Monday, April 27, 2015

The Importance of Words

Last week, while driving around the Finger Lakes, I saw several signs that gave me a good laugh. Sadly, I didn't think to take pictures at the time, but I've made recreations of them to share with you.

After we dropped our son off at school, we stopped to fill up the car. While my husband pumped gas, I read the advertisement board in front of me.

Yep. Someone slapped a "when you buy two" label near the health warning. The label blended in so well, it made it appear to be part of the warning. When my husband got in the car, I pointed at the sign and said, "So if you buy one you're okay?"

The next sign came in the bathroom of one of the wineries. 

There are things you want flushed down the toilet. Trust me. It's bad when they don't get flushed.

Finally, as we were heading back home, we passed a restaurant that proclaimed:

I'm pretty sure that if you were selling illegal beverages, you wouldn't be advertising it.

The point of all this? It's not just important what you say, but how you say it. The wording on all of these signs actually meant something different than intended. The same thing can happen in your writing, so be careful and say what you really mean.

Seen any signs that gave you a chuckle? Share then in the comments.

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  1. Too funny, Mary! It's a good reminder to watch what you say and how you say it. I can't think of any funny signs off the top of my head, but there was a funny typo in my grandma's church bulletin: "There is a green hell on the horizon." The typist meant hill, but the typo gave me a good laugh, but not my grandma, though. She was pretty offended, if I recall correctly.

    1. That's a good one, Beth! The author in me wants to take it and run into a paranormal story with that line. And I can just picture your grandma's reaction. Priceless.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Funny! I wish I could post a picture of a sign we saw on vacation one year. It wasn't quite the same as a misworded message, but it made us laugh. Maybe I'll chance offending everyone and post it on your Facebook page. Though, seriously, I think it's just funny.


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