Friday, July 31, 2015

In the Writing Cave

Sorry for the silence this week, but I've been working hard on a series of short stories for the Princess of Valendria series. There are six tales, told from each of the Main Characters' Points of View. Except, I opted to show a scene from Devlin's POV, rather than Arabella's, so you could get to know him better. Each story takes place before the beginning of the series. The collection, titled Valendrian Nights (a play on Arabian Nights), will be a free release.

Here are there tentative titles and a short blurb about each story (and yes, the blurbs still need work):

Duty, Honor, and Love
Prince Devlin reacts to learning he has an arranged marriage to a princess from an enemy kingdom.

Princess Kaylee travels to Breneira to meet her husband-to-be and discovers she has more in common with her enemy than she expected.

Love Letters
Follow the exchange of letters between Prince Trevor and Princess Elsbeth.

The Woodland Guide
Lady Bri leaves her family in Faldaera to interview for a position in the kingdom of Palindore hoping to find the answers to her past.

Becoming First Knight
Princess Gabrielle is supposed to become the King's First Knight. But will all the other knights approve?

Stolen Moments in Time
Prince Brody and Princess Gabrielle have a chance meeting under the stars.

If you have read the series, these books should flesh out some scenes mentioned in the books and give you more background on the characters. If you are new to the series, I hope these intrigue you enough to read the rest of the books.

As soon as the book is available, I will let you know where you can get it! (Fingers crossed I will get them edited and off to the publisher by the end of next week)

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Short stories that all sound interconnected. Nice. Best of luck with the finished collection.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! They've been fun to work on.


  2. I love this book series and these stories are a perfect complement to them.

    1. Thanks Kai! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know someone else enjoys them as much as I do. (and thanks for your eyes and input on them, too!)


  3. Fun! Love me some companion shorts. :)


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