Monday, July 13, 2015


Welcome to this month's #inkripples post. Every month, Katie L. Carroll, Kai Strand and I use the second Monday of the month to write on a theme. This month's theme: Patriotism.

I can't think of a better month for this theme than July. With Canada Day on the 2nd, Independence Day on the 4th, and Bastille Day on the 14th, this month is filled with reasons to feel patriotic. And what better way to celebrate than with a book filled with the alpha men and women of the military?

Here are some of my favorite reads with military heroes:

Accidental Seal by Sharon Hamilton. I read this as part of the "Wrong Guy" box set. Ms. Hamilton did a great job with her Seal, and had some amazing military quotes in there.

The Hostile Operation Team Military Romance Boxed set 1-3 by Lynn Raye Harris. While the first book in this set was my favorite, the others certainly held enough heat, danger, and romance to satisfy.

Next up are three series of books by Tonya Burrows. I highly recommend each of these books. Tonya does an incredible job of writing these alpha males and the women in their lives. No whiny girls here, folks. Not for these hot guys.

Seal of Honor- This was actually the second book of the series that I read. And I couldn't believe I'd waited so long to read it.
Reclaimed Honor- I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. As my introduction to the series, I was hooked.
Broken Honor- Another great story in the series. And, to show how wonderful Tonya is, proceeds from the purchases were sent to

Wilde Security:
Wilde Nights in Paradise- This book was my introduction to Tonya's writing. She hooked me with this one story.
Wilde for Her- This book is my favorite (so far) in this series. There's just something about Cam and Eva.

D.I.E. Squadron:
Vision of Darkness- This series mixed the alpha military male with paranormal experiences. While I enjoyed this read, and look forward to more in this series, I wasn't as connected with the hero and heroine in this one as in the other books I've read from Tonya. I still recommend you read this, though!

Now, the books I've recommended feature men and women from the US military. And, while I read a lot of US military books, it doesn't mean I won't read about military members from other countries. So, my outside the USA friends...recommend your favorite military reads in the comments so I can find some more soldiers to cheer for :-)

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  1. Your passion for a good military read shines through in this post, Mary. I'm currently 'off' military reads because my son is in the Navy. I don't like war books/movies in the first place, so those are out. And there is something wrong to me about reading about sexy military guys knowing my son is one of them. Lol! But I know where to turn for recommendations if they get on my radar again.

    1. I totally understand that, Kai. Hope you get to enjoy these some day soon!

  2. I don't do a lot of military reads (in part because I don't read a lot of books for adults!), but I may have to expand out of my usual fare and pick up one of these. Thanks, Mary!

    1. If you're going to pick one, I highly recommend Tonya Burrows to start with ;-)


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