Monday, August 10, 2015

#Inkripples- Dog Days

Welcome back to #inkripples! This month's theme is Dog Day/Things that Bring You Down. Be sure to stop by Kai Strand and Katie Carroll's for their take on the theme.


Summer has definitely struck here in the last few weeks, with temperatures flirting with the low to mid 90's and high humidity. As one who prefers the temperatures in the low to mid 70'-and the humidity low- these hot, humid days can't leave soon enough.

All my life I've heard of this time of year referred to as "the dog days" of summer. But it wasn't until I was writing for this month's #LQR theme (Dog Days) that I wondered how the expression came to be.

So, I looked it up and learned that when "Orion's Dog" (Sirius, the brightest star in the Canis Major constellation), rose before the sun in ancient times the days were hot and humid. Up through the 19th century, the Dog Days were associated with a time of evil, when seas boiled, wine soured, dogs went mad, and men became sick.

Of course, reading about the origin of the phrase had my mind off and racing with an idea for a regency romance, something I'd never tried writing before. You can read my "Dog Days" excerpt from the story on Saturday on the Lightning Quick Reads Blog. If you get a chance to drop by, I'd love to hear your thoughts about the story.

Now it's your turn. Did you know the origin of the phrase? Do you find it fitting? Share in the comments below!


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May: Change
June: Summer/Vacation
July: Patriotism
August: Dog days/Things that drag you down
September: Fall/School
October: Fears/Things That Go Bump in the Night
November: Remembrance /Thankfulness
December: Celebration /Gifts


  1. It's great to hear dog days inspired a new story for you. Can't wait to read the excerpt. Here in central Oregon, we had our hot weather early (July) and now it seems to be standard summer weather, low 80's - nothing we can't handle. Since we got a lot more hot weather than normal this year, our mountains are unusually bare for this early in the summer. It looks strange to see so little snow. :( Here's hoping your dog days of summer pass soon. Sirius-ly. Bwaha.

    1. Thanks Kai!

      It's been cooler here lately too (yay!)

      BTW, I loved the word play. :-)

  2. I did know the origin of dog days, Mary (and yes, that was before I did my #inkripples post this month!). I think we had the same hot spell here as you had, and it's already more pleasant this last week.


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