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#TBR Thursday: Meg Gray

On Monday's post I said I'd be focusing on Meg Gray's books today, so I am. I'm taking a little different approach today and sharing my reviews of each book. I hope they will intrigue you enough to pick up one (or more!) of Meg's books. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

In life, there are no certainties. Emma Hewitt finds herself facing a number of uncertain challenges as she tries to find her footing in the big city of Portland, Oregon. The safety and simplicity of the small town she once knew is a distant memory as she embarks on her toughest year of teaching in her young career. Her greatest struggle lies in the perplexing father-son combination of Marcus and Brayden Lewis.

Marcus Lewis knows where he stands in the corporate world, but as a father, he is struggling. Raising his son alone is proving to be a challenge beyond his capabilities. Marcus’s past has left him mistrusting and unwilling to ask for the help he desperately needs.

Can Emma break through Marcus’s stone exterior to get Brayden the help he needs or will Marcus stay buried in the shadows of his past?

I have never read women's fiction before, but if they are all like this story by Meg Gray, I may have found a new genre to read from.

Ms Gray did an excellent job showing the struggle of being a single parent, especially to a child dealing with a traumatic incident. In the beginning I was bothered by the way Marcus would drop his son off at school and rush out without a word. The way he ignored messages from the teacher. But, as the story progressed, I realized this was all part of his coping mechanism.

I loved Emma, and really enjoyed seeing how she fit with Marcus and Brayden. My only complaint? I wish I got to see more on page time with Marcus and Emma developing their relationship.

Kate Michaels is a down-on-her-luck bridesmaid waiting for her life to finally take a turn in the right direction. This country girl trying to make it in the city of Portland, Oregon covers up her shambled life with a web of lies. Her raging credit card debt, unemployed status, and deadbeat ex-boyfriend/tenant become minor league problems when she is cast in her friend Mary’s wedding.

In the days leading up to the nuptials, Kate ends up running interference to protect the bride-to-be from the pretentious maid-of-honor”"a.k.a. the sister of the groom”"and picking up the slack of the other self-absorbed bridesmaids. She almost forgets about the too-hot-to-handle groomsman fated to escort her at the wedding, except he keeps popping up when she least expects it.

In walks AJ, the dashing manager of Portland's newest dining hot spot. As the wedding craziness unfolds, Kate finds herself confiding in and slowly falling for the down to earth, hardworking manager. Life is looking good for once until the night before the wedding.

What will this truck-driving, boot-stomping, hammer-swinging country girl do when she finds out she’s not the only one leading a life of deception?

I received this book free from the author for signing up for her newsletter. Familiar with authors giving away short stories and novellas, I was surprised to receive a full length novel.

And my surprise didn't end there.

While a sweet read (no one page sex) this book was filled with drama, tension, humor, and wonderfully developed characters. If you're looking for a change from all the heated reads (or if this is your preference) I highly recommend this (or any other) book from Meg Gray.

When Blake Anderson decides to sneak away from the limelight of his father's political career, he sets out to find an answer that has haunted him his whole life. He heads to the small town of River's Edge in the heart of Oregon's wine country along the Columbia River. In the small town, he gets his first taste of anonymity and it feels good. His trail quickly runs cold and instead of racing back to his family's mansion he decides to stay for a while, and makes a place for himself as Reg Wheeler's hired hand.

Maria Sandoval is recovering from a devastating loss and has sought refuge on her grandparents' prosperous estate, Ramirez Vines. Doing her best to outrun haunting memories from her college days, she takes great solitude in riding her horse along the edge of the vineyard property. One night she runs across a stranger who claims to work for her grandparents' old neighbor Reg Wheeler. Her mistrust and anxiety push her emotions to a new level as she tries to determine the stranger's real purpose for helping the cranky crippled old man.

Secrets, trust, and love all combine as Blake and Maria journey together toward finding answers and healing old wounds. But in one emotionally charged night it all starts to come undone. As one life hangs in the balance, questions are answered, but will it be too late…

A sweet romance with a mystery to solve. Two of my favorite things!

While I'm known to enjoy a steamy read, I also like to cuddle up with a sweet romance now and again. And I'm so glad I cuddled up with this one.

The chemistry between Blake and Maria is wonderful. Maria is haunted by a tragic past that deals with domestic violence and Blake is searching for his birth mother while struggling to live up to the image needed as the son of a governor running for president.

Ms. Gray does a wonderful job capturing the emotions that go with these issues while treading lightly so as not to overwhelm the reader.

Does Blake find his mother? Does Maria come to terms with her past? Do they finally end up together? You'll have to read THE ROAD HOME to find out.
Have you read any of Meg's books? What one was your favorite? If not, which of these do you think you'd like best? Share in the comments below!


  1. Loved The Teacher. I need to get busy reading the others!

    1. You won't be disappointed, Kai! They are great!!!


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