Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Best Alarm Clock

I have the best alarm clock in the world. It's name is Jackie (usually called Jack, or Jackers, or Jacks). She's a cat.

She had figured out our scheduled quite well. She knows that my husband is up by 5 during the week, so on the weekends when he hasn't gotten up, she hops up onto the bed and walks on me. Then she licks my face and hair. I will usually pet her, hoping she'll lay down. When that doesn't work (for either of us) she jumps onto the headboard and rubs her head on the lamp. Then she'll knock Erik's glasses of onto the bed. When that doesn't work, she dumps the magazines he has on the bed onto his head. Usually this enough for him to sit up and she jumps down and heads out of the room. (at which point, we both lay back down.)

She will usually wait about five to ten minutes before starting in again. Sometimes we tell her it's okay, we don't have to go to work and she'll lay down with us. Although, lately she has gotten very diabolical- she pushed the lamp off the bed, just missing my head.

She has also thrown the remote under the bed- anything to get you to get up. When all else fails, she bats at the chords for the light and our actual alarm clock. Our friends keeps telling us that's the reason bedrooms have doors. I just smile because I know she would sit outside the door and scratch at it until she's let in (she does that with the bathroom door.)

I wouldn't trade her for anything. At least this way I know if the power is out, she will make sure we know what time it is.

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