Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Great Weekend

Is there anything better than just sitting around and relaxing at your campsite? (Once you've gotten your pop-up all set-up and said "Hi!" to all your old friends, and some new ones too, of course.)

Just lazing around in the sun watching your son play with friends and chatting with your friends while enjoying a cold, frosty "root beer".

We had a wonderful time with our friends this weekend hanging out at Little Buffalo State Park in Pennsylvania. We did some geocaching, toured a working grist mill (complete with water wheel- it was WAY cool!)

We also had a great pot luck and after went running from walls of rain. We knew the storm was coming, and were frantically packing up the stuff from outside the camper and putting up the awning (had been told there were high winds expected) when the rain moved in. You could see the line of rain move as if it were a wall of water (you could hear the roar it made too).

The extra day we added allowed us to spend time with friends at the pool (complete with spray ground and water slides). The kids had a great time in the spray ground and pool, while the adults enjoyed whipping around the turns of the water slide. It was a blast.

I got to see a Kindle (wow are they cool!!!) and finished reading the first part of Rogue Warrior. It is a very interesting book about the man who founded Navy SEAL team 6. (I just renewed it today so I can finish it- I haven't taken a lot of time to read lately.)

I talked about my blog, and my princess story (yes, I am still working on that- maybe I'll post some new parts this week) and found a possible proof reader (Yeah!!!- It's always nice to get another view point that says "Hey you missed something" for example, "maybe you should add some more mauve instead of all pink."- It's been taken under advisement.)

What a great relaxing weekend it was.

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