Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Too much pink???

I am working on the opening for my story. Do you think this room has too much pink or not enough? I am going for overly girlie here on purpose.

Princess Kaylee held up her hand and carefully examined each nail as she reclined on the velvet rose lounge. Satisfied they were perfectly manicured, she lowered her hand and sighed. Waiting was so tedious.

Rising slowly, she drew the satin belt of her pale pink organza robe tight around her narrow waist, covering the pale pink satin nightgown she still wore. She never should have changed her mind about her gown. Now, it would be hours before she was ready for breakfast, a fact her stomach was all too happy to inform her of.

She walked around her room, past the dressing table, to her canopied bed. She brushed her hand over the rumpled pink satin sheets, contemplating crawling back in while she waited for the maid.

Instead, she curled her toes into the deep rose carpeting and looked around the room for something to occupy her while she waited. She smiled at the soft glow the oyster shell pink walls gave as they reflected the rays of sunlight that slipped past the gap in the deep rose curtains hanging over the windows.

Hmmm. I think that's enough pink. But really, what do you think?

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