Friday, July 2, 2010


It seems that all writers have ways they procrastinate while writing.  This week I have had many ways to procrastinate.

First, there's the procrastination that comes when you come home from work and don't feel like doing any writing.  You just want to sit and relax and do nothing.

Then, there's the procrastination of life.  Running children around to rehearsals was mine.  I didn't want to start anything, because I might get a really good idea going and have to stop in the middle to go and pick dear son up from practice.  (Yeah, I know-- I could have gotten back to the thought, but it might not have been exactly the same.)

My big distraction has been reading.  My husband and I stopped at the library on Monday so I could return a couple of books and a movie we had rented (Alice in Wonderland, the cartoon one- our son is doing a musical of Alice in Wonderland this summer).  When I came back out, I had two more books with me.  He told me I have a book obsession.  I said, yeah, but you knew that a long time ago.  (Those 2 books lasted 1 1/2 days--  what can I say- I like to read.)

Today I am going to get working on my editing (as well as proofing Katie's story.)  Katie is my critique partner and has been a great help.  She has helped me find what has been missing in my story so it can be the best it can be.  We talked back and forth and I realized I left out the world building in my story and am now trying to put that in.  I am also putting in more description (I edited too  much out)  It seems I can't find the happy medium there yet, I either have too much or not enough description. 

Her YA story is great.  She has great characters and a wonderful story line.  Each week when I finish the chapters she has sent me I am anxious to start on the next set to see where the characters are going to take me. 

I am finding the critique partnership to be a wonderful thing.  I really look forward to seeing what she finds that I need to improve, and reading through her work helps me see things I miss in mine when reading through as I am just too close to it.

Yesterday, she gave me a blog award, so today I am giving her one.  Thanks Katie!

What I'm reading:

Metro Girl and Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich (I liked them, but not as much as the Stephanie Plum series)

Hunted by Katie S. Taylor (can't wait to read more!)

Coming in a post soon:  Pictures from vacation (including video of the rain storm that knocked out our power), more about writing, maybe a picture of the map I made for the world my story takes place in.


  1. Hey Mary!

    If you don't have a book obsession and aspire to be an author, I'm not sure you'd make it. I nearly break the bank every time I set foot in a book store!

    I've been interested in Hunted; can you can compare it to anything else?

    Hope you have a great 4th!


  2. EJ:

    I, too, could break the bank at the bookstore (which is why I have been raiding 3 local libraries this summer!)

    As for HUNTED, I have to say I am not sure what to compare it to reading wise. I have not read any of the YA vampire fiction out there (although I intend to read the Twilight series soon).

    As I read through it, I occasionally feel there was an influence from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (more the movie, than the series) and Angel- more through what the characters do/say, than the storyline itself.

    If Katie will let you, I recommend reading it-- it really is a page turner. (which is my favorite kind of book!)


  3. I agree! Sometimes I hesitate to start with edits or a new story because I just know I'll be interrupted by something (mainly a little rugrat). Nothing worse than getting in "the zone" with words and ideas flowing and then get interrupted and lose it!

    I need a quiet room with no distractions... and in my house, that is a rarity!

  4. PK:

    Quiet room isn't a necessity for me, but no distractions definitely is. Just the other day, I was writing and my husband asked me a question. I stared at him blank faced for about thirty seconds before he repeated the question to me. I had no idea what he had said, nor could I find the words to ask him to repeat himself as my mind was frantically trying to put a sentence for my story together!

    I guess that is life with a writer!!!



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