Thursday, March 3, 2011

From bedroom to office (well, almost!)

Here is the day you've been waiting for!  The day you get to see my son's bright green room transformed into my new office!  Well, when I started putting this post together Sunday night (for the pictures) that's what I was hoping for.  I had no idea that it would take 3 coats of primer followed by 2 coats of paint (and I had to wait 4 hours between coats on the paint, which meant I had to do it across 2 days.)

Oh, well.  I am close to being done with it.  I taped off and started painting the trim tonight.  Two more coats of that, a quick vacuum followed by a wet vac, and it will be ready for me to populate this weekend!

So, for your viewing enjoyment, this is how the project has gone so far!

When my son was in kindergarten, he wanted his room painted green.  So he and I went to the store and he picked out the paint, and I painted it.  I cautioned him that he would have to live with it for several years, as we weren't going to paint again for a long time.

This is what his old room looked like:

With all his things in there, the bright green really worked.  But, it just wasn't going to cut it for an office.

So, I put primer on the walls:

And then, two more coats of primer later, we were finally white.   (I meant to take pictures and forgot!  But believe me, there was no green showing through when I was done!)

Then, I painted it Glass Slipper (I love the name of the paint!)  It is very light, so you might not notice the blue hue.

I can't wait until I get some furnishings in it and it begins to look like an office.  I think it will be a wonderful place to be creative in!


  1. Wow -- amazing progress. Can't wait for you to give me a Skype tour of the room!

  2. What a wonderful space. I just finally got a new desk after the other one broke. New one is shared with the dining room. Not much for concentrating. Beautiful makeover and I love the name of the paint too. It just makes the room seem like a cloud, a nice place to escape.


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