Wednesday, March 23, 2011

World Building

As I work through my current revisions, I am finding ways to build my world a bit more. To explore the magic of the realm and the lands within.  My beta readers have noticed the subtle comments and told me it has made a world of difference in the story.

When you write, do you make your world as important as a character, almost making it a character in and of itself?  If you haven't, have you thought of ways you can add little touches to flesh out the world for your reader?

Speaking of exploring the magic, I will be making a special post this Saturday as part of the Nature of Magic Blogfest.  Post in 250-1000 words what magic means to you or your characters.  Follow the link and join in the fun.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the link Mary! And as for world-building, it's pretty critical, especially if you're writing fantasy or dystopian. But in any case, it's important for the reader to fully understand the character's environment. Great post!

  2. Sounds good! ANd yes I'm immersed in world building right now. I've been reading an excellent guide that's got my brain digging deep. SO much fun!!

  3. World building is so important...just be careful of the info dump...I usually have that problem in the first draft.

    Thank's again for my cookies and book!

  4. World building is important, and you are right, Demitria, you need to avoid information dumping in all of your writing. I find I like to stop and describe the room my character stepped into, instead of doing it in layers, in my first draft.

  5. The world my characters live is, indeed, almost a character in itself. But that's the world, right? We are shaped by our environment and our environment has a life of its own--one that we don't control. I try to make that come through in my work.


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