Thursday, August 25, 2011

Music to Inspire

I like to listen to music when I write.  Ii isn't something I must do, often opting to listen to the noises of my family as I type away.

Normally I choose movie soundtracks, loving the building crescendos, the sweeping lines, letting them surround me as I craft my world.  Lately I've been considering listening to songs with vocals.  Why?  Well, one of my favorite bands for inspiration (Nightwish) only has one instrumental album so far.  But the other reason is I want to get into the right mood.  I want to feel the denial of love, the frustration when the one you love is with another, and how better to capture these feelings than with the right song?

So, fellow authors, do you listen to music as you write?  Why, and what do you listen to?  If you don't, why not?   Share in the comments below.


  1. Hey Mary! glad to see you're doing the campaign. I'm not in your group, but I'll check in from time to time. Tried to comment yesterday but my computer hated me LOL.

    Ah, music. Yeah, I listen to music a lot but never when I'm actually writing. It makes it hard for me to concentrate. My favorite song to get into the mood to write SILO was Animal I Have Become.

  2. I love music but I can't listen to anything with vocals while I write, as I just end up singing along. I do listen to soundtracks though, sometimes film but more often gaming soundtracks.

  3. I don't need to listen to music every time I write, but it certainly helps when I need some newest obsession is The Civil Wars.

  4. I love movie soundtrack music to write too. I find music with lyrics can be distracting sometimes but the instrumental pieces are awesome.

  5. I listen to a lot of music while I write. It helps me to concentrate. And, although I'm embarrassed to admit, the Miley Cyrus station on Pandora really gets my imagination flowing. I don't know why :) But, I get a lot of inspiration from a really beautiful line in a song. It can help build a whole scene.

    By the way, I'm stopping by from the Campaign, so nice to meet you :)

  6. Hello, Campaign friend!

    I am a useless wreck at writing with music. I think I've written one scene with it on, successfully. Too bad I'm cutting that scene, now. Ha! I really like for there to be SILENCE, but that's hard to come by. I do listen to music for inspiration, mostly bluegrass, and always in the car.

    But, I don't know... maybe I'm just not finding the right stuff? It's a mystery!

  7. I often listen to music when I write. What type of music depends on what I'm working on at the time. I generally listen to music with vocals, but also listen to classical and instrumental. I have my playlists on my website that I used when writing my first two novels: Generally, if I'm writing I have some type of music playing.


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