Monday, October 24, 2011

My Eee

I love my Asus Eee netbook.  It is light, portable, the battery (when it's not in the end of its life) lasts a long time.  The drawback, it was taking too long to do things (of course, I was overloading the poor thing with all the windows I had open).  So, when the battery started to die, I started using my husband's laptop to write from.  It is bigger, not too heavy, and can easily run Open Office, Mozilla, and either my Zune software or Media Player all at the same time. It took me a few weeks to adjust to the flat keys, and it isn't as nicely portable as my Eee.

Enter hockey practice.  An hour or two where I can write.  Do I take the netbook or the laptop?  Well, I decided the netbook (with a few hiccups due to dying batteries).  I have been writing with my Eee at hockey practice the last two weekends, and remembered why I fell in love with it to begin with.  So, yesterday while I was Skyping with my awesome CP's my dear hubby ordered a new battery for it and did some research on a new OS that will help it to run quick again.  (Sorry, Windows 7, you just bog me down too much.)  I will be trying the Linux Peppermint OS, and from what I've seen so far, it should be just what my Eee needs.

I am still hoping Santa brings me a tablet PC, though.  I want to use it for e-reading as I have books from both Barnes & Nobles, and Amazon, and this way I can run both software apps.

How about you.  When you write away from home, what do you use?


  1. I was wondering when he was going to get Linux loaded onto that Eee. My son has the smaller one and his battery is going up.

    I got the Dell equivalent. I got it for use when I was traveling for work. It works great, but sometimes it just doesn't have enough real estate. Next time around I doubt that I'll go with a net book. Just a bit too small for daily use for me.

  2. I have an Eee and it works pretty well. The battery lasts about 3 hours and I use Windows. The only problem with it is that I've had to take it into the repair people 3 times in the past 2 years. First something was wrong with the hard drive, then the screen stopped working, then the power cord died. I am so getting a MacBook Air when I'm finished with this one. :)


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