Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's in Your TBR Pile?

I have a confession to make.  I love to read, but haven't been doing as much of it lately as I usually do.   I haven't found a way to work, have family time, write, and read all at the same time.

Normally, I will read a book cover to cover.  I can't help it-- it is an obsession.  One I am trying to re-train.  This week I began reading Kim Harrison's Pale Demon.  I've been reading a few chapters a day, even when I want to just sit and devour it.  So far, it is working well.   I am about half way through after 2 days of reading, and I will be making my TBR pile smaller over the next weeks.

What's on your TBR pile and how do you read through your books?


  1. I tend to not read much fiction. I used to read all the time and it was strictly fiction. Now with the limited time to read, I usually read non-fiction.

    However, back in June I started reading Atlas Shrugged. It is a very timely book. Even though it was written years ago, a lot of the events seem to be happening today. Anyway, I just don't have enough time to read. After 3 months, I'm only about half way through. Part of the problem is it is 1,000 pages, and the print is rather small.

    I don't have any other books waiting to be read. I do lots of online reading, but as with books, it is mostly non-fiction.

  2. I can't even begin to list the things in my TBR pile it is so long! I just finished Barbara Ehrentreu's book: "If I could Be Like Jennifer Taylor."

    I'm having a hard time reading and writing and keeping time with my family, too. I try to read a chapter a night just before I go to bed. Some books I can't put down and read more than one chapter. :o) And sometimes I'm so tired, I only get one chapter read before I drop dead from lack of sleep!

    On a side note: I read an interview with Danielle Steele. She said she doesn't read at all when she is writing. I found that interesting.

    Concilium, July 2012

  3. Michelle, that info about Danielle Steele doesn't surprise me a bit. I would think that while working on a novel, it would be too easy to accidentally work stuff from what you are reading into your own writing. While it could give ideas, it could also guide her into not putting her own ideas onto paper.

  4. Greg- You are quite right in your supposition.

    I don't read in the genre I write (other than beta reading for people who write YA, but again, not in my exact area) so I don't accidentally borrow ideas from another author. I want my work to be mine.

    Now, I do notice when I go long periods of time without reading, my writing gets stale, and I need to read to refresh my inner muse.

  5. I have a stack of books from the library just waiting to be read, including The Body Finder, Starcrossed, and Anna and the French Kiss. But it's funny, whenever I'm bored and want something to read, none of the books I want to read are in. Then they all come in at once and I'm suddenly too busy to have time to read them!

  6. Oh boy...I've got quite the TBR pile now since I've met so many authors online and through blog networking. I rely on Goodreads to keep them organized for me.

  7. Oh man, my pile is more like a tower. Next up will probably be String Bridge by Jessica Bell.


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