Thursday, March 15, 2012

Award and Updates

Thanks to Linda for the Liebster award! This award is given to a blogger with less than 200 followers who then passes it on to five of their followers with less than 200 followers.  According to Babelfish, Liebster means Dearest.

I feel like being a rule breaker today, so I am sending you to a few blogs I follow I think you will enjoy (if you haven't found them already!)
 Aubrey at Flutey Words, Nicole at Where Fantasy and Love Take FlightElizabeth at Silver's Reviews, Carol at Artzicarol Ramblings, and Ann at Inkpots n' Quills.

Monday brought the end of the hockey season for us.  Dear son had a great time and progressed so much this season. He's already looking forward to next season. In the mean time, he is going to play lacrosse this spring (if any of you can explain how the game works or send me a link to a good explanation, I'd really appreciate it!)

Now for a writing update (thanks Susan for the reminder!) I have two complete chapters written and am working on a third for DKK. My characters decided they didn't like the road map I created and refused to cooperate until I listened to them. (I hate to say it, but they were right. My first four chapters, really needed to be 2). I am a little lost at the moment, but am looking forward to some brainstorming with Trisha to toss some ideas around and see what sticks. After adjusting my chapters I ran into a plot hole-- when I was writing my outline, my thoughts made sense. Now that I've made some changes, and thought about the outline, I find I need to flesh out some motivations to be sure what I am intending is believable.

How's everything going for you?I'd love to hear about it!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Brainstorming commences tonight!!! See you on Skype.

  2. Hey, thanks for passing on this award to me! Sweet of you. And um, I have no idea what lacrosse is, let alone how to play it. LOL Good luck straightening out your novel! I hate it when things make perfect sense when I'm plotting them, and then they don't when I go to write the story!

  3. Mary, thanks for the links. I'm always on the lookout for good blogs to follow.

    And... I actually like it when my characters take me down a path I didn't plan. I do get a little lost when that happens. But I always know they'll eventually show me a way out. :)

  4. Hi Mary
    Congratulations on the award. They are fun to get.

    I hate it when my characters run amok. But then, as you say they are right sometimes. Edits are a necessary evil. LOL


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