Monday, March 26, 2012

Hockey and a Sunshine Award

Hope you all had a great weekend. While it wasn't as warm and sunny here this weekend like it was last weekend, it was still nice. We wrapped up the hockey season with a fun time at the rink with coaches vs. players, followed by a pizza party and awards ceremony. Brett's Coach announced him as the most improved player of the season as he gave him his trophy.  We are really proud of the progress he made and are looking forward to next season.

Michelle gave me the Sunshine Award (doesn't it make you feel all nice and warm, like a summer day?) Thanks, Michelle! I appreciate it.


  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
  2. Write a post about it.
  3. Answer the questions below.
  4. Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and let them know.

Favorite color: Pink, Blue, and Purple (yeah, I know, I didn't pick just one!)
Favorite animal: Cats and dogs (hmm- I'm sensing a trend here. How many others will I bend the rules on?)
Favorite number:  Fourteen (double perfect, and I have a thing for even numbers, and yes I know if you add them they are odd, but that's still OK)
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Water

Facebook or Twitter: I attempt to make a showing in both.
My passion:  Writing and reading.

Getting or giving presents:Giving, there's just something about the response of the person that makes it special.
Favorite pattern: Hmm. This one is a tough one. I'm going to say spiral. (kinda makes me think of describe your favorite date from Miss Congeniality :-) )

Favorite day of the week: Any I get to sleep in on.
Favorite flower: Violets and pansies. The pansies just make me smile.

That was fun! Now it's your turn. I want to know a bit more about you, so pick some (or all) of the above to answer and share below.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend, Mary. Nothing like wrapping up a sport season. (We just started track.)

    Giving or getting presents: Definitely giving.

    "It is far more blessed to give than it is to receive."

  2. I like your favorite day of the week answer. That would be mine, too. The sleeping-in days are so few and far between.
    Congrats to Brett!


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