Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Introdiucing Liam from FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS

I don't know how I got to be such a lucky girl, but I've scored three more interviews with dragons for this week. So far, we've met Theo and Sir Oliver. If those dragons weren't up to your taste, first I have to wonder what's wrong with you :-); and second if they weren't your type, maybe these next ones will be.

First up? Liam. He announced his presence at my house with an authoritative knock I couldn't have ignored if I wanted to. (And believe me, once I opened the door I knew I didn't want to ignore him!) He wore cargo pants in a military-green color, a very nicely fitted black tee, and black hiking boots. He looked down at his watch, a serious expression on his very handsome face.

Liam: I was told to report here at 1700. Sorry I’m three minutes early. An aerial sweep didn’t take as long as allowed for. Quiet neighborhood.

MW: Not a problem at all. Please, come in and have a seat.

I stepped aside and motioned him in. He scanned the room before perching on my couch, his gaze roaming from doorway to doorway every few seconds as if he expected something to jump out and attack. I was completely touched by his protectiveness.

MW: So, you're a member of the King's Guard. Can you tell us what your rank is, if there is such a thing? And how does one become a member of the Guard? Are you chosen because of special abilities or did you have to score well on a test?

Liam gave me an 'are you out of your mind insane' look followed by another scan of the room. His lips twitched and his shoulders relaxed a bit as he looked back at me.

Liam: Test? Yes. Am I a Dracopraesi? Check. Is this my destiny? Check. … Yep. Passed with flying colors and made it on the King’s Guard...not that I’m trying to give you a hard time, but the duties of a dragon are straightforward, ma’am. We don’t apply for positions. We are given the responsibilities the Goddess deems appropriate for us.

Anyway, Oliver’s the Captain of the Guard, but I don’t have a specific rank. Dragons are higher than elves, and elves are above dirt…but that’s another story for another time.

He smiled widely and winked at me, sending my already pink cheeks heading toward a vibrant red.

My duties pertain mostly to tactical planning and threat assessment. If the king has events on his itinerary, I evaluate the optional routes to take, location it’s held, other attendees on the guest list, and any additional pertinent information needed in order to determine our course of action in terms of defense and precautions.

MW: You seem to specialize in security. How did that come about as an interest for you? Any tips you want to share with us about staying safe?

Liam: I do it because it’s what I’m best at. We all play to our strengths in order to overcome the obstacles we face. Our main objective is always to keep our wards alive, and this is the method I find works best for me- assessment, planning, action. It isn’t something that became an interest for me so much as just the way my mind works, the way the Goddess made me.

As for staying safe…

Liam leaned toward me, a sexy smirk on his face, his eyes intently focused on me. 

It helps to have a dragon around. 

A broad smile spread across his face revealing perfect white teeth. His eyes roamed over me, as if watching for a reaction of some sort. Not wanting to disappoint him, I grinned. He sat back and stretched his arms, linking his fingers behind his head. The movement pulled his shirt tight, revealing a pair of chiseled biceps and an amazingly sculpted chest. I think I almost drooled. I know I had to blink a few times and shake my head when he began speaking again. 

But there’s only 396 of us and over seven billion of the rest of you, so I wouldn’t count on a dragon security detail… Guard dogs are great. They have the innate ability to sense the darkness in anyone, much like we can.

 He laughed, the sound rumbling through my entire body. 

And they do fit in your house better, not to mention their dietary requirements are easier to meet. In terms of general safety, always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t carry a weapon unless you’ve trained properly in its use, or it’s more likely to be used against you. If attacked, scream, kick, fight, and don’t make yourself an easy victim. Be more trouble than you’re worth by causing a scene. With the sovereignty’s security cameras monitoring the citizens, criminals prefer compliance more often than not.

All traces of humor vanished, as did his grin. His face turned stonily serious. He sat up, resting his elbows on his knees, and leaned close again. He said nothing for a moment, as if weighing what he wanted to say carefully.

But with crimes against women always existing on some level, every woman should take a self-defense class taught by a certified instructor. Every woman. 

He emphasized 'every woman', and I could tell he really felt the need for all women to know how to protect themselves. As if he wished he could be there to protect them himself, but knew that he couldn't. 

He sighed, and a slight glimmer of mischief appeared in his eyes. 

After you’re finished interrogating me, if you want, I can show you a few things. 

He flashed a heart-stopping grin and gave me another wink. 

I’m not “officially certified”, but I promise I’m qualified.

My face turned crimson again and I fought the urge to fan myself.

MW: Umm. Hmm. That's quite a tempting offer. I'll have to let you know about that after the interview. Speaking of the interview, with Theo claiming Cait as a ward and leaving the King's guard, things have changed. How has this affected your duties? Do you like the change or is it just one of those, like it or not, this is how it is type things?

Liam: Theo was always Oliver’s right-hand man, I suppose you’d say. It’s not quite the same, but with just the three of us, a few things shuffled down to me instead. As for if I like it… Yes. No. Doesn’t matter. No comment.

He shook his head and gave a a short laugh.

I think that should satisfy every contingency of Evan’s expectations for PR.

I arched a brow and he just grinned at me. Knowing he wouldn't say more, I continued.

MW: Do you have a preference for who Cait chooses? If so, who and why?

Liam: Oh, I definitely have a preference with good reason, but since this is going down on public record, I’m going with “no comment”.

MW: I see. Okay, how about a few quick fire questions?

Liam: Fire away.

He chuckled at his double entendre and I smiled, appreciating his sense of humor.

MW: Moonlit strolls or sunny car rides?

Liam: That depends on the parameters. Where am I walking? Is it the city, the country, a beach? Who am I with? If I’m driving, where and what am I driving? Am I stuck in city traffic or out on the open highway? Am I in a simple economic car or a high-end sports car? Is it a convertible? Is anyone with me?

Liam flashed a teasing grin.

Too many variables. I can’t answer that question accurately.

MW: Modern times or past times?

Liam: Past times were simpler, but modern times have given us advanced weaponry and advantages in security technology. From a purely professional standpoint, I’d have to say modern times.

MW: Many loves over time or one true love for all time?

My black cat sauntered into the room. Liam tensed at the sign of movement, but relaxed when he realized there was no threat. In fact, he picked up my cat and set her in his lap, petting her, his expression rather solemn, or contemplative.

Liam: Look, you’ve met a few of us now and should have a decent idea who the Dracopraesi are. We serve a purpose, have great duties in this world beyond your imagination, and shoulder responsibilities no one else would want. We aren’t meant to be loved. Maybe Cait can love Theo, and they’ll be a rarity among us, but I don’t expect that for myself. I wouldn’t ask anyone to have the endless patience, emotional strength, or absolute insanity to put up with me or what I do.

MW: Thank you Liam, I hope someday you find someone who will break your expectations. Now, about those lessons...



  1. I'm so excited to see Liam's interview up LIVE finally! I love it so much! Really, I love all my dragons, but it's great to see some of the characters you don't get to know as well in the first book have a chance to show more of themselves now so readers can see who they really are. :-)

    Thanks a bunch, Mary!

  2. Another great interview! Thanks so much for taking the time to do them, Mary. They all turned out so well :)


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