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Introducing Claaron from FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS

I have to admit. I'm a little sad that my interviews with the dragons have come to an end. I really enjoyed spending time with each and every one of them. They have all been quite charming, especially Claaron.

Unlike all the others, Claaron actually rang my doorbell. When I opened the door, all I could do was stare. His dark blond hair glinted in the sunlight, as if highlighted by a winter frost. But it was his eyes that captivated me (I so have a thing for eyes and deep voices). They were so intense, and their color was like nothing I'd ever seen-like silvery diamonds. A bone-white scar stood out underneath his right eye, but did nothing to detract from the handsomeness of his face.

He was casually dressed, wearing a navy cashmere v-neck sweater over a powder-blue open-collar button down shirt, gray tweed slacks, and gray suede Oxfords. He could have just come from a cover shoot. 

MW: Hello. Please, won't you come in?

His lips twisted into a devilish smirk that sent butterflies fluttering in my stomach as he took my hand and kissed the back of it.

Claaron: I am Claaron Graywyne, First Brother of the House of Graywyne, Second House of the Dracopraesi…and always enchanted by a lovely woman.

His eyes never wavered from mine. And his voice? Deep, gravelly, with a hint of the south and something European. Yum.

Such a pleasure to meet you, Mary. You don’t mind if I call you Mary, do you, my dear? 

MW: Um, no. Not at all.

I know. I totally babbled like a school girl. I couldn't help it. The eyes. The voice. I was a goner. I stepped back, motioning him to take a seat in my living room. He insisted I sit first, then sat beside me, close enough I could feel the heat emanating from him as well as the scent of crisp clean air and freshly fallen snow. I took a deep breath, and plunged into my questions.

MW: So, you're from the House of Graywyne. Can you explain the different houses for me and what their responsibilities to the Dracopraesi are?

Claaron: Of course…As a whole, the Dracopraesi is comprised of three hundred ninety-six dragons. The Houses of the Dracopraesi divide us into six smaller brotherhoods within the larger collective, sixty-six dragons in each. Generally, dragons feel more beholden to their house brothers, a closer kinship because we share similarities not only in appearance, but in strengths of abilities and many experiences due to the types of wards we protect.

He looked down at me, his lips twisting in that lovely smirk again. I forced myself not to sigh and melt at the look.

Despite what some dragons may tell you, the order of our houses doesn’t necessarily equate to the ability of those dragons being greater or lesser. The overall purpose we serve is the same regardless. It all comes down to specifics of that purpose. Perhaps I protected the Oracle whose destiny was to tell of a coming monarch, and hundreds of years down the line, another dragon protects that monarch. How do you judge which role held more importance, who held the greater responsibility?

He leaned closer, his voice low and husky, sending shivers up and down my spine.

I wouldn’t judge you to be any less beautiful were you to live three houses down the street because it has no significant effect on you other than your address. You see?

He gave me a heart stopping smile, and I nodded, not having any idea what he'd just said. Good thing I was recording the interview, or I'd have missed it!

MW: Yes, I do see now. Thank you for explaining.

Claaron: My pleasure.

I shiver and he grins.

MW: Um, I've sensed that you seem to touch a nerve with some of the dragons. Does it bother you that you aren't as easily accepted as others, that there are those who feel you do not deserve your position?

Claaron: I’d be lying to say it does not bother me at all. We are virile males with rather sizable egos. 

He winked. Not the harmless, flirty wink like Liam's. No, this wink packed a punch I felt all the way to my toes.

However, when it starts to get under my skin, I simply remind myself who it is making such judgments then find better pursuits to occupy my time than worry about their opinions of me.

MW: Hmm. Interesting way of dealing with it. You said you're First Brother. What does that rank mean and how does one become First Brother?

Claaron: It means that in the eyes of the brothers within your house, you are the best. You are the most capable, most skilled, most experienced, most respected, and most honored among them. The First Brother of each House of the Dracopraesi is not a matter of concern for any other house in truth. Rankings within House of Graywyne are between those of us within Graywyne. My fellow brothers determined me to be worthy of their respect, and they honor me with the title of First Brother. It is not up for debate outside the brothers of Graywyne.

His eye took on a serious look for the first time since he entered my house. The intensity of his gaze increased as he spoke.

All fun and games aside, to become First Brother you must be a dragon in every sense of what that means. You swear to the Goddess you will live and die to serve your purpose. To me, it is a no holds barred, go big or go home, full-on dragon mentality when duty calls. There is a time and a place for everything, and I do want to enjoy my existence as much as possible as well, but cross onto the wrong path, threaten my ward, cast a shadow of darkness over the innocent, and I will show no mercy.

Hearing him speak of his duties this way makes me wonder why anyone outside of his House has ever questioned his position of First Brother.

MW: I certainly wouldn't want to cross you in any way.

I smile, and he shifts on the couch, his expression softening again.

If you had been at the meeting, would you have challenged Theo to take Cait as a ward?

Claaron: Oh, sure. That would have gone over terribly well with my friend. He wouldn’t have minded at all.

He snickered and I felt myself wanting to crawl into a hole for being so dumb.

First of all, dragons don’t challenge one another over wards. To have a specific ward is your destiny, a path laid in front of you. However, you can refuse a ward under certain circumstances or the ward can refuse to accept their dragon, and the Goddess will assign another dragon to that ward. Had that been the case, either of them challenged their own dragon/ward bond, I could have requested the Goddess allow me take Theo’s place. Still, my request could have been denied.

Though, for the purpose of your interview…

He sighed, as if I'd asked a terribly difficult and probing question. I shifted on the couch, ready to retract my question, when a glint of merriment sparkled in his eyes. I narrowed my eyes and shook my head and he chuckled before answering.

Had I been there and had the opportunity arisen to make such a request of the Goddess, yes. I would have wanted the opportunity to be her dragon. Cait’s a sassy little spitfire. Even not yet knowing what I do now, she would have struck a chord with me. She did from the moment I met her.

MW: I think I'll just keep that information between the two of us. Wouldn't want to be the spark of something between you and Theo.

Claaron smirked, his eyes glittering with a secret I know he won't reveal. The look teased me to ask more, knowing he wouldn't say anything. With a sigh, I continued the interview.

Okay, now for some quick fire questions.

Moonlit strolls or sunny car rides?

He shifted closer, his unnatural warmth surrounding me as he flashed a killer smile, his eyes full of promises.

Claaron: I say neither and suggest I take you for a starlit flight.

I feel myself turn crimson, and I know it's not from his body heat. Trying to ignore his charm, I manage to stutter out the next question.

MW: Modern times or past times?

Claaron: I’m having a wonderful time right now, so I believe we should live in the moment, don’t you, Mary?

MW: Mmm. Yes, well. Many loves over time or one true love for all time?

Claaron: Is that an offer? And here I thought you were married…

He gave me a teasing wink and blew me a kiss, breaking the tension that had been filling the room.

In all seriousness, Mary, I’d consider myself quite fortunate to know I was ever truly loved even once for a brief time, let alone many times over or for all time. Eternal love is rare. Not everyone can live until the sun returns us all to ash.

MW: Thank you, Claaron. It truly was a pleasure getting to know you. And, if I wasn't married, well...

Claaron: Ah, but, my dear beautiful Mary, you are, and I shall never dishonor the sanctity of such a union. 

He smiled an easy, friendly smile, that did nothing to hide his sexiness.

Now duty calls, and I must bid you farewell.

He kissed my hand and disappeared out my door faster than I could blink. I had no idea dragons could move so fast, but I'm prepared for future meetings now!



  1. Such a fun interview to end this whole series with! I do think Claaron's may have ended up being my favorite, but in one way or another, they're all my favorites!!! So hard to decide!

    Thanks for having fun with the dragons, and doing these interviews. I hope you enjoyed them too. ;-)

    1. From what I've read/learned, I really love Theo, but there's just something about Claaron that makes me wonder, hmmm, which one do I really love :-)

      Thanks so much, Mel, and best of luck to you!!!

  2. Just had to pop over and reread some of the Fire of Stars and Dragons character interviews again. These were so much fun!


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