Monday, August 4, 2014

Announcing His Royal Hotness Week!!

Back in April, April Erwin ran a week of posts in honor of Princess Week. I had a lot of fun following along as she posted to her blog and Facebook page about real and fictitious princesses.

Having several princes in my own stories (as well as princesses) I did a quick search to see when Prince Week was. Color me shocked to learn there was no such thing.

Not wanting the guys to feel left out, I decided to band together with some of my author friends (including Christina Wiegand, Nicole Zoltack, and Erin Albert) and make a Prince Week of our own. 

(Don't worry, our princes are much more manly than this one!)

So, I hereby declare the week of August 18-22, 2014 Prince Week. I hope you'll join us here and on my Facebook page to celebrate. 

But before we can celebrate, we need a little help choosing a banner. Below are two options. Please leave a comment letting me know which banner you prefer (or if you don't like either and why)


Or B

Thanks so much! Hope to see you back for Prince Week!!

PS: If you're an author with a prince in your stories and you want to participate (either with a guest post or book promo) please contact me by e-mail.


  1. Something about banner B stood out to me over A, so I vote for B! :)

  2. LOL, I had the opposite reaction, Katie. I vote for A. How's that for help, Mary? :) Looking forward to our Prince Week! My blog is gearing up with royal fever too, This is going to be fun.

    1. Thanks April!!

      Looking forward to this week. It's gonna be so much fun!

  3. I vote for A. More visually appealing balance-wise, I guess. Can't wait for His Royal Hotness Week. Sounds like lots of fun.

    1. Thanks, Kai!

      I think it's gonna be tons of fun!

  4. I like B, better.
    More balance! :D

  5. Is there something wrong with my computer? They look nearly identical to me. Just don't use the gay guy in the long-sleeve dress holding the fake flowers. Unless you're writing about hot gay royalty. In which case he should be topless.

    1. LOL! My son said the same thing. Even after I pointed out the heart was in a different place :-)

      Glad you stopped by!


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