Monday, August 11, 2014

Prepping for a New Fridge

I know it doesn't seem like something to be all that excited about, but I'm getting a new fridge. My 20 year old one has lived a long, full life, but recently it has started freezing foods that are not meant to be frozen. So, I'm getting a new one.

In preparation for said new fridge, we moved the old one out this weekend as the cabinet above needed to be shortened to accommodate the taller model. Well, this led to needing to paint, because I couldn't stand the hideous shade of pink I'd be looking at if I didn't.

So after a trip to the store with one of my friends, I returned with the perfect color (one that will be spreading its way through the rest of my kitchen once I remove the wallpaper.)

Here's a glimpse of the work in progress after one coat, and part of the wallpaper still remaining.

And here's the final look, after a second coat, and the removal of some wallpaper I decided to get rid of (I did keep the border trim, though!)

Now, I'm all ready to welcome my new fridge into this nice and clean corner of my kitchen.

What did you spend your weekend doing?


  1. Looks nice! What a pretty color. I shudder to think of the floor under my fridge or the wall behind it. Ick. We celebrated my husband's birthday on Saturday and I had a book event on Sunday, which I dragged him and the kids to. So it was a family filled weekend for me.

    1. Nice! Family filled weekends are great. Hope you had a great time at the book event (the pics on FB made it look fun!)

      And behind my fridge it was disgusting. But, now it's all nice and clean and a new fridge is in place. :-)

  2. A new addition to the house is always exciting. And the spot is just perfect. It’s clean, and it has an ample distance from your other appliances, like the microwave or the cooker. This is important, because those appliances generate a lot of heat that can damage your fridge'd functionality. Other than that, it’s all well. Enjoy your new fridge!

    Lashon Cheatham @ All About Air


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