Thursday, August 28, 2014

FINDING WILLOW by Michelle Pickett

My apologies for not announcing this when the post went live this morning! Congratulations to Chris Weigand, winner of a copy of The Prophecy and to Erin (booklover22), winner of Becky Wallace's prize pack. Congratulations! Be sure to contact me at by Sunday, August 31st to claim your prizes.

I'm a little late to this party, but better late than never. I'm super excited to be sharing about Finding Willow, by Michelle Pickett. Take it away Michelle!

I have another great cover reveal to share today. The novella Finding Willow is a prequel to my Unspeakable. The story is told from Brody's point of view, and did he ever get one rockin', steamy cover...

Finding Willow is the prequel to Unspeakable, the touching romance between Brody and Willow that explores one girl’s quiet strength to survive the unbearable weight of a family secret alone, and the love and resolve of a boy determined to help her.
   Brody Victor lives life on the fringes. Moving from school to school with each transfer his mother’s job requires has taught Brody well: If there’s one thing harder than making friends, it’s saying goodbye to them. So he’s learned to close himself off. He’s a loner, and that’s how he likes it.
When his mother accepts a permanent position in Wisconsin, Brody begins to slowly open up. But old habits die hard and, for Brody, making friends doesn’t come easily. That is, until he meets Annabelle. Brody loses himself in her. Their connection runs deep and, for the first time, Brody truly lets someone inside. But life can be cruel. An unexpected job transfer uproots Brody from his home in Wisconsin, and Annabelle.
 Vowing not to get involved with another girl after the heartbreak of losing Annabelle, Brody returns to life on the outside looking in. A loner by choice. Until he finds Willow. Friendly and beautiful, a guy can’t help but notice her, but Brody notices more than her beauty. When she flashes her full smile, a spark is missing from her hazel eyes and for reasons unknown to him, Brody needs to find the reason.
Along the way, he stumbles across a secret bigger than both of them.

Don't forget to check out Unspeakable for more of Willow and Brody's story.
Happy Reading!

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