Friday, November 13, 2015

2015 Realms Faire Stockade Brigade Day 5

Huzzah and well met! I ask thee to join me in a round of huzzah's for our newest winner!

My lords and ladies, the competition has been fierce, however, as Sheriff of Realmsdom I declare Lady Cherie the winner of Lady Kai's book.

Hip, hip. Huzzah! Hip, hip. Huzzah! Hip, hip. Huzzah!

Lady Cherie, to retrieve your prizes, please send me a missive at mewaibel(@)gmail(dot)com with your format preference.

Tis the final day of our Faire, and the final chance for our wordsmithers to win their prize. Craft a comment with your best Olde English afore 8 of the clock in the Eastern time on the following scale:

5-Ye speak as one from the days of Queen Bess.
4-Ye could pass muster as a Ren Faire cast member
3-Ye could pass as a Ren Faire attendee
2-Ye wouldn't be foolin' yer mother
1-Ye stand out like the sun in a cloudless sky

An e-book will be given every day to the witness who scores the most points. Fear not, your daily score will be accumulated and the person with the highest score shall receive a special prize at the end of the week. So, brush off your Olde English and prepare to testify.

The wordsmither of the best Olde English shall receive an e-book of The Bone Treaty, by T. C. McKee.

Today's winner, and the grand prize winner will be announced on Monday's blog, so be sure to stop back and give a resounding Hip, hip. Huzzah!

*Sheriff Mary unrolls the scroll*  Here ye good people of Realmsdom. Before you stands Lady T.C. McKee of the shire of Virginia, presently and honored “guest” of ye olde Realmsdom Stockade Brigade, courtesy of her Majesty, Lady Mary Pax, and overseen by me, Lady Mary, the honorable Sheriff of Realms.

Lord Conal Reed charges Lady T.C. with the crime of slander. He alleges that Lady T.C., through her own words, has painted him as a stalker, and provides the following to support his claim.

A power as old as King Solomon awakens when a seventeen-year-old girl marks the brooding hot abductor ordered to seize her.

Addie Heaton’s not your average high school student. Orphaned at two, she’s spent most of her life reading the emotions of others. It’s a little trick she likes to call color-vision. But lately, a stranger has been trailing her, putting off shades of black and red—colors Addie hasn’t seen since the night her parents were killed—colors Addie never wanted to see again.

But when Addie comes face to face with Conal Reed, owner of the terrifying shades, she learns her stranger’s a little different too. He’s brooding hot, mysterious, and all too elusive. Conal loves to materialize, and then vanish at all the wrong times. Nice. Not. After years of keeping her ability a secret, Addie’s found another person with gifts, someone who may know what she really is.

But Conal’s not talking. He’s having more fun showing up uninvited, teasing her senses, and disappearing at all the wrong times. Instead of finding answers, Addie finds herself reconsidering ever being alone and naked again.

What say you to this charge, Lady T.C.?

**Silence** 'Twould seem the cat has caught Lady T.C.'s tongue. Mayhap a few more words from Lord Conal will help to convince ye lords and ladies of Lady T.C.'s guilt.

No one else can see him. To the average human, Battery Park seems abandoned, but I know he’s there, lurking just beyond the tree line, cloaked in a swirling September haze, and oozing a dark cloud of malevolence.

I should have spotted his energy sooner, but all morning the street has been abuzz with distractions―traffic backing up near Atlantic Avenue, a mother jaywalking while holding the tiny fisted hand of a disgruntled toddler, an ominous sky opening up and pebbling my windshield with a sheet of transparent polka dots.
What say you, good ladies and lords of Realmsdom? Is this not a case of slander against Lord Conal?

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  1. Tis hard to say, but this mysterious lord is frightening the girl. Whether he be a stalker or not, his actions are more than suspicious. Lady T.C. may have the right of it!

    1. Ah, but mayhap 'tis not a fair accounting for Lord Conal. Perchance his behavior is being twisted by the Lady T.C.

  2. The jaywalking is distracting. I might have to vote to set Lady T. C. free, anon.

    1. Tis true, jaywalking is a distraction for all! Mayhap the Lady T.C. will be released anon.

  3. Yay! I'm excited to have one. Consider the missive sent. :)

  4. Without proof to back her words, I feel she may lose this fight. Slander is punishable, but I need more time with the Lord Conal.

    1. Aye, time with Lord Conal is a mighty fine suggestion! I would gladly spend more time with him...

  5. Jumping Jehoshaphat! All those distractions-----
    Perchance this is not a case of slander, but merely the response of one afflicted with fear?


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