Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Faire is Coming!!!

Next week is the 2015 Realms Faire!! Huzzah!!!

I'll be hosting the Stockade Brigade where five authors have volunteered to face charges of witchcraft, sorcery, among a few other things. Now, here's where the fun begins!

Your job will be to use your best Olde English to lend your support for the release (or imprisonment) of the author in the stocks. 

There will be a daily winner of an e-book, and a grand prize winner at the end of the week. So, be sure to comment every day! (Full details about the contest will be posted each day next week.)

After stopping here, be sure to stop by the other games of the Faire. Meet new authors and enter to win more prizes.

Let the games begin!!! Huzzah!!

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