Monday, March 14, 2011

When Your Muse Strikes!

My muse is usually nice to me, at least she has been lately.  She flits along in my subconscious giving me ideas, pointing me down that path I missed three turns ago.  Usually this is done during my waking moments when pen and paper aren't too far away.  Last night, it was as I was drifting off to sleep and too tired to get to pen and paper.  Fortunately I was able to recall what it was my muse had pointed out to me (darn shifting time from almost night to daybreak-- forgot to carry that thread through the rest of the chapter!)

So today I ask, how does your muse treat you?  Do you find yourself scrambling for pen and paper as sleep is beckoning you?  Are you able to put the thought into your memory and recall it the next day, or is it gone forever if you don't record it?


  1. I tend to get idea's at all points through the day and have made use of the note pads on my phone. i do also get idea's just as I'm drifting off to sleep. I think your mind is more relaxed then and this is why they come. I do have paper and pencil by the side of the bed. I love writing in pencil.

  2. My muse is so naughty. He/She/It keeps me up past my bedtime and makes my mind race LOL. Actually, I usually have to get up and type again if it's something important.

  3. My muse is a fickle little guy, rearing his chubby little head in the most inopportune time. I have taken to carrying a notebook.

  4. Wow! I love hearing about what everyone does with their muse.

    I usually have pen and paper in the headboard, but it wasn't there last night- must have moved it out without remembering :-)

  5. My muse is annoying sometimes. I too have a notebook. When I used to drive for a living, I'd have to pull over occasionally to jot something down. But I've also had moments before bed, in dreams, and always while driving. You never know when something's gonna show up. Best write it down for later. I've told my husband that if something awful ever happens to me (god forbid) burn those notebooks. Don't look in them just burn them. Everything is so random, it really would make me look crazy. Scary stuff.


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