Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Will winter ever end?

Last week we had a beautiful taste of spring.  This morning I heard we can expect up to 7 inches of snow tomorrow.  It seems like this winter has gone on forever, and I am ready for it to end.

I took yesterday off for writing, wanting a day to just let things sit and jell in my mind.  I've made so many changes to my WIP in the last week, I wanted to be sure they worked and improved the story I am trying to tell.  Seeing my muse is still telling me to go down this twisty road, I am going follow her.  I do know how to use the delete button, after all.

Speaking of deleting.  When your write, do you only keep your current copy, or do you keep all the prior versions, just in case you cut something you want for later?  I save my WIP with a new name each time I work on them, that way I don't lose something I may want to put back in later.  I also have learned to store locally and on Dropbox (an on-line storage place).  This way I can be more assured not to lose anything I am working on should something happen to my computer.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I have multiple versions of my ms all labeled by version number. I can't tell you how many times I have gone back and pulled something out of a previous version for a new scene I am working on.

  2. I've done that often, too, Trisha. I've even pulled in scenes from other WIP's that work in a new WIP.

    I felt I should disclose-- if you decide to sign up for Dropbox through that link, I get a bit more storage. Once you sign up, you can share your link to get more storage.

  3. You know, you're the second person this week that's mentioned DropBox. Interesting concept, especially if you're a rabid reviser. Good luck Mary, I'm sure what you are craking out is fantabulous!

  4. Hey, awesome about the day off to write. Total bummer about the snow. I'm sitting on a park bench outside at 70 degrees while my cars being serviced. Its so good. I've never heard of dropbox. I keep several versions and usually keepit on a flash drive too. But this is cool too. Gonna check it out. Thanks

  5. LOL! Talk about typos! I didn't realize until Tammy commented that I had a huge one!

    I didn't take yesterday off for writing (while I wish that were so!) I took it off FROM writing! My mistake this morning as my fingers were flying over the keys to get this up before I ran out the door!

    Sorry for the confusion!


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