Tuesday, November 30, 2010

End of NaNo 2010

Today is the last day for NaNo.  I uploaded my words over the weekend (even though I am still writing).  I reached my goal, and am not worried about how far over that I have gone.  For my first NaNo, I found it quite fun and look forward to it next year.

I have two more chapters to add to Sleeping Handsome, then I need to go over it all again.  I think I am going to be a few thousand words short, so I need to evaluate what to add.

I figure I am about half-way through The Ruby Dagger, and will continue to work on this throughout the rest of this month.  Then will come much editing, as I am using this as a detailed outline so I can become familiar with my characters and the plot.

I am plotting a third book idea to go with Sleeping Handsome and The Lost Princess.  The working title is A Different Kind of Knight.   More to come on this as the plot solidifies in my mind.

How did you do with NaNo?  Will you do it again?  If you didn't NaNo this year, will you next year?  I know some of you were doing NaNoEditMo and NaNoReadMo.  How did it go for you?


  1. Congrats Mary! I know the hard work will pay off.


  2. Congrats on reaching the finish line. I didn't do NaNo. I write bad enough without the pressure. I'm afraid my editing buddy would build a comma out of wood and beat me with it if I were to participate. Love the titles too. A DIFFERENT KIND OF KNIGHT. Totally awesome;)


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