Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WCC Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  Hope you are having a nice sunny day.  Here it is very gray, and rainy- oh well, it's a bit better weather in my WIP!

So, this week I have been busy with revisions on Sleeping Handsome (formerly Quest of the Hart).  I am cleaning up description and adding in some things that are missing.  So far, so good.

For NaNo, I am continuing on with The Ruby Dagger.  My characters keep taking me down tunnels and passageways I had no idea were there.  The most intriguing thing was when Moira (my thief) was handed a parchment by Dax (my knight) and asked if she could read it.  Her response was, "It looks to be an ancient form of"  and here is where she batted her eyes at me and said, just what language do we speak here in Ravenvale anyway? Hmmm.  Several minutes later I told her she speaks Aviaran.  And the story continued.

Trisha is moving along quite nicely with her NaNo project, and I am thrilled I get the opportunity to read it.  Her writing is like watching a movie play in your mind.

Katie hit a wall in her WIP, but she's moving through it.  We've talked about how to clear out some of the back story that was dropped in an info dump, and I know she will be able to fix this.

Fiona has nicely set up a link from the past to the present.  Her descriptions still amaze me.  Her word choice is phenomenal.

How are your WIP's?  Have your characters tossed you any unexpected issues?  How did you deal with them?


  1. Oh, yes, my characters have tossed me some unexpected things. My ending is going too fast, and I'm afraid I won't have enough room to write what needs to happen. We'll see.

  2. Psht! That seems to be all they want to do, girl! lol. I'm forcing myself to write past it, though, as hard as it can be. I miss Amberlyn & Kaleb, =(.


  3. I am slogging through my Nano novel. Had a breakthrough of sorts yesterday in which I outlined the next chunk of the book.

    I had a clear idea of the end when I picked up my (virtual) pen on Nov. 1, but my characters threw me a curve ...

  4. My characters have thrown several curves since I started y NaNo novel, but that's OK-- I am treating it as a detailed outline so I can get familiar with them and the story.

    Best of luck to all of you with your NaNo novels!


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