Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fitting it in

So, how do you fit writing into your schedule?  Do you get up early?  Stay up late?  Miss out on family functions?

I usually work out of the house two days a week, which leaves me three days to devote to household chores (laundry, shopping, cleaning chores that I haven't delegated to son for him to earn an allowance on) and writing (not counting weekends where it is a hodge podge of events).

On the days when I work, this month, due to NaNo, I've been trying to write either before I go into work or right after I get home from work (before my husband and son get home).  This leaves me free to spend my evenings with them.

Some days, like yesterday, this doesn't work.  Well, it does, but it doesn't.  Yesterday I wrote before going to a work meeting and eye appointment.  While waiting at the eye doctor's, I wrote in a notebook (not the NaNo story that was supposed to go in that notebook, but the one I am re-working).   I arrived home just as my son did,and my husband was already here.  Fortunately, after dinner, and before we watched Erik the Viking, I was able to transcribe my words and expound on them a bit, leaving me free to enjoy and evening with the family.

So, how do you fit writing in?


  1. I mam much like you -- I write when I can where ever I am. I do a lot of it at night once the kids go to bed and most of my editing in the am after a few strong cups of coffee.

  2. I try to squeeze it in whenever I can. If I can throw together a couple hours here or there for the week I call myself lucky.

    After work I go home do all the chores and take care of the family.

    Then try to write or edit until the eyelids give in and then start the day over again. I agree with Trisha...coffee!


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