Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yesterday morning, I woke up to the radio announcer telling me it was 0 degrees outside (that's Fahrenheit for my Canadian friends.)  So, I snuggled under the warm blankets for a bit more before shuffling out to the kitchen.

As I looked outside at the two maple trees between my house and my neighbors, I realized it looked cold.  The sky was perfectly clear, not a cloud to be seen.  The trees were facing where the sun was rising, and looked like dark shadows.  The snow glistened white in the morning light.  It was the type of scene where you knew if a person was standing there, their breath would hover around them in a white cloud.

What does the weather look like where you are?


  1. So funny you would post this today, my post for this morning revolved around the ice that coated chicago last night LOL. We must be sharing brainwaves:)

  2. Ahh lets see. It is raining some sort of snow/ ice substance and the sky is gray. I don't mind the cold, but it is the muted shades of gray that drive me crazy.

  3. It started off snowy here this morning, and quickly changed to freezing rain. Now it's just gray and gloomy. Hopefully the sunshine comes back out soon!

  4. I had just thinking about how it looks outside compared to the actual weather. When its sunny, I'm always sure that it is nice outside and surprised when it's not. Even in winter, when I should know better.


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