Thursday, January 27, 2011


I like quotations.  I even have a "Quote of the Day" app on my Google home page.  Some make me laugh, some make me cry, and some make me think. 

Over the last week, I've been watching Criminal Minds (Tivo is a wonderful thing!)  and I've noticed they say a quotation at the beginning of each episode and another at the end.  The quotes usually set up the problem and then are are comment on the resolution. Some are quotes I've heard before, others are new.

Some of my favorite authors put quotes in the opening pages of their books-- a nice set up for what I'm about to read.

What about you?  Are you searching out the perfect quote to put in the front of you book?  Do quotes inspire you?


  1. Ah, yes. Quotes to inspire me sometimes, especially the encouraging ones I come across on various writing blogs. Lovely post Mary:)

  2. Oh I love quotes. To me, there is nothing more inspiring. Nice post, I love Criminal Minds when I get the chance to watch it. Love the new look on your blog.


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