Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WCC Wednesday

First- I have to give a thank you to my husband for suggesting yesterday's blog topic-- Thanks Honey!

This week, has been an interesting one.  I've been working on a new WIP that my readers have been reading, and three of us have done an on-line chat on the weekend-- kind of like a writer's group, but on-line.

The good news was my critique partners like my new WIP, and Trisha told me it starts in a good place-- as close to the end as possible.  I am writing this one as it comes- no outline to speak of, and my characters are only loosely based on the sketches I made for NaNo.

Trisha has been doing an amazing job of juggling several WIPs.  I am always amazed by her talent.  I have learned so much about writing just from reading her work, and the comments she has made on mine.

Fiona is working through another round of edits, and we have been discussing things to improve her story.  Looking at it now (after reading the entire work) I can see places I missed commenting on in the beginning that would have helped her more.  I realize it is my own growth in writing that is helping me see this now, and wish I could have been of more help to her a few months ago.

I've been working through Katie's WIP, and am pleased to say I have gotten a few chapters back to her.  She has been very understanding, and I appreciate it.  We have talked at length about word choices and making sure your scenes move your story along.

How have your WIPs been going?  Have you had to make major revisions?  Started a new writing group?  Gained a new critique partner?  Have you seen changes in your critiquing as your writing skill has grown?  What do you know now that you didn't a month ago?

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  1. Mary, this is an excellent post. I learn most of what I know by observing other writers and putting my work out there to be critiqued. I agree that Trisha has mad skills and you guys have a lovely, lovely crit group:)


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