Wednesday, April 13, 2011

After you reach the end, where do you go?

First, I want to say, you all had such wonderful comments in Wednesday's post.  I do agree that while being honest, we should always be kind with our comments.  And it is good to point out what was liked and done well- that positive reinforcement thing works quite well!

Now, on to today's post.  Currently I am in a waiting pattern- waiting for my CP's to get back to me on my second round of revisions (Yea! I finished them Sunday!) to see there thoughts on where I went.  (I know I have some doubts about my ending, so I'm curious about their responses.)

In the meantime, I've picked back up a WIP that was supposed to be a sequel, but is now looking like it will be the first book in a series I am working on.  I looked over my outline, and started editing what I had written when it hit me like a brick what was wrong.  I was telling my readers what I wanted them to know instead of showing it.  As I worked my way through, trying to find a way to show and not tell, I realized I had more wrong than that-- namely some plot holes that the telling was covering up.  A new outline (and quite a bit of thinking later) I think I am on the right track with my WIP.  The story line is changing a bit, but I think in the end it will be for the better.  If not, I'll go back and pull out the older version and brush it up!

So, what do you do when you finished a project and are waiting for feedback?  Do you start another one?  Take a break?  Devour all the books in your To Be Read pile? Share below!


  1. Somtimes I take a breather, usually to try to gather my thoughts before jumping into something totally new. Especially if there's going to be revisions on the finished project in the near future. Good post Mary and good luck!

  2. I can't take a breather for long. I usually play around with new idea until I'm ready to start writing something else. This is a completely different perspective from the writer I was last year. When I completed my first novel, I couldn't think about abandoning my characters to start another WIP, but I've definitely changed since then. :)

  3. I usually take a break, work on something else, shave my legs now that I have time. Ya know, little things.


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