Friday, April 29, 2011


Sorry I'm late with this one today, but I didn't write it up last night, and this morning when I meant to be writing it, I got sucked into watching the Royal Wedding.

I qualified it as research-- a couple of my WIP's involve royalty and weddings (albeit in a fantasy world), so watching the wedding gave me an insight into the moarchy.  But, in reality, I got sucked in by the romance.  And it was so nice to see something so lovely after all the destruction and sadness in the news of late.

What have you qualified as research when it wasn't completely for research?

Hope you all have a wonderful (dry-- fingers crossed we can get the deck stained this weekend!) weekend!


  1. Amen to the romance after all the storms. My brother's house was pelted with hail and he has a lot of damage, but thank God, he's okay. So many are not.

    I'm hoping to count my September trip to Bermuda as research. We'll be staying in Charleston overnight and then boarding the ship. Kind of goes along with my story. I'm feeling a tax write off coming out of this. Hehe. Good luck with the deck staining. We have to do that too. Eek.

  2. Ha ha. . . I love that you called watching the wedding research:) Maybe I need to plan a research trip. . . hmmm.


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