Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy April!  Thankfully we didn't get the snow they were calling for on April Fool's Day.

I spent some time over the weekend making changes to the blog layout.  Hope you like them.  Special thanks to Nancy for telling me how to get the tabs!

My muse has been quite busy this week.  I've made great progress on my WIP and Saturday night, my muse forced me to think about an old WIP I've had sitting on the shelf for a while now as I couldn't figure out the plot.  I had awesome characters, and a cool magic item (hmmm- I'm sensing a theme here-- that sounds like how my current WIP started!!!) but no story line to go with.  I've written probably 3-4 hodge podged stories, but there was always something missing.  The plot.  Well, my muse tossed one to me, and I found myself scribbling it down so I didn't forget it.  I will play with it in my mind the next few days to see where it takes me.  If I get a road map from it, I'll write up a quick plot summary for it.

Check back later this week for more on plot summaries, and some thoughts on Beta reading.


  1. Great to hear a new shiny idea came to you!! I love that moment:)

  2. Ah, music to write by! Like food, music can bring back great memories of past things and projects...

  3. Sounds great, Mary. Sometimes I can't shut my muse up. lol
    And I love the blog look! :)


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