Friday, April 8, 2011

To change or not to change

This week one of my critique partners (CP) told me I seemed too willing to make changes offered to me on my WIP.  I thought about the comment, then shared how I decide whether to change or not.

If the change is grammar or word usage, quite often it's changed.  I am not the best with grammar, and easily over use words (that and then come to mind.)

In the case of bigger changes, it takes more thought.  Last week a CP told me they had a hard time keeping two of my characters straight. Their names (even though very dissimilar in my mind) were similar to her.  She suggested I change the name.  My mind said no, this is ridiculous.  One name begins with a K, the other with a V-- they are nothing alike.  The next day, as I looked over my WIP, I saw what my CP hadn't said.  It wasn't the names that were similar about my characters, it was everything else.  I had two people where I only needed one.  It meant making major changed throughout the rest of my WIP, but it was worth it.

As I spoke with my CP about my process, I told her two things I always keep in mind.  I only want to make changes that will improve my story, and seeing I save all my versions with a new name, I can cut scenes and make all the changes I want without losing anything, except time.

What is your process?


  1. Ah good post. I actually like to hear a similar thing from a couple of people before I consider changing - unless of course it's something suggested that just rings a bell in my own brain and I agree wholeheartedly.

  2. My process sounds similar. A CP tells me something isn't working for them but they can't identify exactly what it is. They make a suggestion. I mull it over - and often discover, like you did, that they pinpointed an underlying problem.


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