Monday, May 9, 2011


For those of you who haven't heard, is having a contest that begins today.  What is the contest?  Roseanne Wells, of Marianne Strong & Associates, is judging first pages of completed YA novels.

The information can be found here.  Just follow the directions.

If you are entering, good luck!

The weekend was crazy here, with an unexpected water heater change, and scattered showers that kept us from finishing staining the deck (I'm beginning to think it will never be done!).  But it ended nicely with an extended family gathering for Mother's Day.  Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to an exciting week!


  1. Wow, good heads up for folks Mary. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend:)

  2. How did you find time to find a contest? Glad you had a nice weekend and hope the deck pans out. Its been raining a lot here too.


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