Monday, May 16, 2011

Using Twitter Effectively

How many of you have a Twitter account? (Yes, I realize there are those who don't and understand why not-- this isn't to make you feel bad because you don't Tweet, or force you to Tweet).

I have an account I opened at the urging of some friends (Thanks guys!).  We used it to chat back and forth with each other.  Then, last year I had this huge reading thirst and was offline for about a month (I know-- I can't believe it either, but it's true!)

When I came back, I slowly got back into blogging, but Twitter has been hit and miss.  I try to remember to post when I update my blog (and usually forget), and occasionally I post that #Iamwriting, or #Iamrevising. 

In the end, I find that I am not using Twitter effectively at all.  So I ask: How do you use Twitter?  Has it helped with your writing?  Have you made contacts in the writing world through it?  Has it made an impact on your blog?

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  1. I'm not hooked on Twitter, but I try to see what's happening once per day at least.


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