Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Cookies

Sorry I didn't post on Monday- the day got away from me quite quickly, and I never caught up.

Sunday the three of us and two of our neighbors got together to make cookies.

We chose to make Spritz,

Snowballs (and what my husband was calling "Dirty" Snowballs due to the cocoa powder instead of powdered sugar),
Dipped Pretzels

and Carmel Corn (I substituted molasses as I didn't have corn syrup, making it taste kind of like Cracker Jacks)

What happens when adults have left over Spritz dough and 11 year old Red Hots? (Yeah- they really were that old.  I thought they were only a few years, but nope.  They still taste OK, just a little softer and less spicy.)  You get these:

It was so much fun!  Hope your Cookie making is just as fun.

(Note:  Until sometime in the New Year, I will only be blogging on Thursdays.  So much to do and so little time to do it, and all that!)

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  1. I like the skeleton face with the bloody mouth. And does that mean those 11-year-old red hots are OLDER than your son?


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