Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Football Season

Well, football season is finally here again.  Sundays pigging out on cheese and cracker trays, bowls of chili, homemade pizza's, and company of family and friends.

With the three of us liking different teams (and the neighbor we usually watch with liking even a different one still) we do a lot of channel flipping while the games are on.  This week wasn't so bad, hubby's team (the Steelers) and my team (the Colts) were on at the same time--but, my Colts weren't looking so good, so we watched the Steelers.  My sons team (the Eagles) was the 4 o'clock game (and oddly he didn't watch hardly any of it!).  Then there was the night game where our neighbor's team (the Cowboys) played.

When my husband and I were talking about the scores this evening, I realized his was the only team out of all of ours that won yesterday.  Hmmm.  We'll have to see how the season goes.

How did your team(s) do?  Share in the comments.


  1. Our household is a Colts home and we watched in agony as they did not fair well...But on a lighter note, our Varsity football team for our high school that our son plays on has been doing well and the JV he plays for has been playing decent...plus our six year old plays peewee football--So needless to say that I get a lot of football time with all the games. lol Best wishes & GO COLTS!

  2. Regina:

    Wow! That is a lot of football. My mom tells stories of when my three brothers played ball on three different teams at the same time. (They all managed to survive it somehow!)

    Hope you kids do well with their seasons, and yes, Go Colts!


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