Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WCC Wednesday

Since joining the WCC, I have noticed a difference in the way I write.  Each week I write with Katie, my critique partner, in mind.  I try to catch my typos and grammar errors as well as make sure my story is flowing as smoothly as it should be.  I want Katie to really be able to focus on the story itself and give me good feedback on that (which she does each time!)

When I am reading Katie's work, I look for typos and grammar things, but also try to focus on flow and pacing.  She has a great writing style, with a penchant for long sentences.  As we've discussed several times-- long sentences are a good thing, but variety in lengths is even better.  Katie creates such intricate people-- its as if they are people you know from real life.

This week I began working with Fiona.  She has a story with an interesting concept-- a girl who lives in the past and has visits to the past.  So far I have met the girl (and am very anxious to read more about her) and have had a brief look at who I believe is the woman from the past.  I have found her descriptions absolutely amazing.  She has such a gift with words, using few to say much.

I am working on chapter 5 this week.  While procrastinating on my writing yesterday, I realized I need to modify the first thoughts I had for the chapter based on the timeline I gave myself in the first chapter.  This is a good thing--as I was beginning to over complicate with the introduction of several characters I am not sure we actually need to meet.

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