Thursday, September 16, 2010


So, you have a great story idea, and great outline, and are ready to write.  In fact, you've already put four chapters of the story onto paper (or in my case on the screen).

Then, all the momentum and excitement of these new characters and new story fades and you find that you are forcing yourself to write in an effort to get words on a page so you can get something down you can fix later.

That is where I am finding myself this week.  I found a new character last week (and was very excited about him) and this week I am struggling to make it work.

Fortunately I have a great critique partner I chat with and who can help me find my muse.  Yesterday I forced myself to write, knowing if it isn't written, it can't be fixed.  After doing that for a bit, I chatted with Katie about my problem and realized I am trying to make this chapter perfect from the get go, and not thinking of it as the draft it is.  With that in mind, I was able to take off and get a draft I am happy with, knowing I can go back and make any changes I need.

So, when you are writing, and you struggle with making it work, what do you do to motivate yourself?  Share your tips in the comments!


  1. Mary, great post .. love your answer.

    When I'm blocked, sometimes writing anything, anything at all helps -- not necessarily my blocked work in progress, but just picking up my pen and writing.

    Also thinking about the story in my head (a lot of my stuff unfolds in my head first) helps ..

    Doing something mindless -- dishes, vacuuming, raking leaves -- can also free up my imagination --

    I've heard that some people just skip the part they're having trouble with and write some future scene, but this has never worked for me ..

  2. I find that taking a nice long walk helps. Usually, I find my head running thru with so many ideas I can't wait to get back to the computer!


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