Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WCC Wednesday

This week I took a small break from my current WIP to work on a short story for a Writing Competition. (OK, I worked on both at the same time- I couldn't help it!)  Thank you Katie for you look at it and comments-- I will be working on them today (while listening to the Dark Knight soundtrack!) 

After the competition, I'll post the story here for all of you to read.

This week Katie noticed one of my characters was acting in a way they would not.  It is so nice knowing she understands my characters so well and can see when I've led them off path!

Katie has sent more of The Vampire Slave for me to look at and I must say I am so intrigued to see where she goes with it!  She has such depth to her characters, and puts them in unique situations so perfectly.

Fiona sent me more of The Path Through the Mist.  I must say I am so intrigued to see where she is taking her character.  It is as though Lana (her main character) is the teenager down the street, put into a miserable situation and reacting just as she should.  Can't wait for past and present to collide!

I've also been helping my dad with his WIP.  He is working on a political thriller and I have been helping him learn how to show instead of tell (as well as some grammar things!)

Hope all your critique partnerships are going well.  I am so glad I have my partners!  How about you?


  1. Oh how cool! Best of luck with your short story! Look forward to reading it. I think it's good to breal away and do something different sometimes. I've totally revamped my YA ms after what some different CPs have said. And here I thought it was finished. :s

  2. I'm definitely loving my CP experience. It's been great. =).


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