Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Minute Gift Idea

Need a gift for a hostess?  Want something to munch on at the office?  Then this quick and easy recipe is just the thing!

Peppermint Bark
Almond Bark (chocolate, white, or both) [You can also use the chocolate melt-aways]
Starlight mints (peppermint, wintergreen, or both)
Silpat, Matfer, wax paper- some kind of nonstick sheet
1 gallon size freezer bag

Unwrap the candies and place into the freezer bag.  (You can do all reds, all greens, or mix them up.  I do all of the above!)  Use a meat tenderizer or mallet to crush to desired size (if you crush too much, they turn to dust).  Melt your almond bark in a bowl in the microwave (I melt both chocolate and white in separate bowls, one at a time).  Stir until completely melted.  Pour onto non-stick surface and sprinkle with crushed candies.  Let cool, then break into pieces (Big or small is up to you). 

For variety, try pouring the chocolate on the bottom, then pour the white on top and sprinkle with the crushed mints. 

Put in candy dishes or box it up with a festive bow for a gift.  Enjoy!


  1. Going to make these for the preschool teachers. They will be perfect!

  2. Great idea! Sounds delicious! I keep making my home-made trail mix but my husband won't stop eating it. I'm going to beat him with a wooden spoon, I swear. Hope your ready for Christmas, it's almost here. I'm so excited!


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