Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Have you ever noticed that when you are re-doing something you need to make a big mess first?  Well, we are in the middle of the big mess of our house project.  So far we've done the central air, the new porch out back, re-done the back enclosed porch (new ceiling, walls, insulation, and light), and replaced the old aluminum siding with vinyl. Now we are replacing the insulation in our upstairs with better insulation.

The old insulation (which had completely deteriorated) has been removed from 2/3's of the room and it is now quite drafty (and messy).  Later today, the new insulation will go in and the new wall boards will go up.  When we're done, it is going to become my son's room (who wouldn't want a giant 'O' shaped room for their bedroom?)  and his room will become my office.

In a way, all this construction reminds me of the work I've been doing on my WIP.  In order to get my story to it's brightest and shiniest, I need to move things around and reorganize.  In a sense I need to make a mess in order to improve it.

Have you made a mess in your story to improve it?  How did it work for you?


  1. Oh Lord, Mary! This is exactly what I'm doing in my WIP. It seems so chaotic at times ... I'm trying to approach it 1 project at a time, like a remodel, but man is it easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed.

    I'm kind of a neat freak! :)


  2. Omigod girl, you wouldn't believe the mess I made on my WIP. It looked almost unrecognizable when I got to throwing stuff around, but man, it was well worth it when it started to come together. Very much like construction huh-only the only person I got to yell at was me. Bummer;(

  3. Hello, duh! You and me, babe. Total big mess sisters. But like the universe was created from chaos, right? (Sorry. Channeling my MC)

  4. I always have a big mess on my hands. Nothing is ever cut and dried for me. Never a neat little package. I always have things here, there, and everywhere. I am constantly all over the place.

    Things come together in time and you may add, you may cut--but you will see what needs to be in time.

  5. My manuscripts are written, torn down, and put back together multiple times before they are deemed acceptable. And thanks to your generosity and amazing encouragement, you get to live through the deconstruction process of my latest ms Inside Out!


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