Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

When I was growing up, I remember there being the Sugar Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, the Orange Bowl, and the Rose Bowl.  I admit I don't watch much college football anymore, but the last few days I've been hearing scores announced for all these Bowls games with names I've never heard before.  Is it just me, or do all these new Bowl games diminish the importance of the original ones?

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, on to today's post.

New Years is a time to make resolutions.  I admit I am as sporadic about making them as I am keeping them.  But, I am hoping by sharing my resolutions with you, that I will do better at keeping more of them this year.  So, here goes (these are in no particular order-- just as they came to mind).

1) Return to a weekly walking schedule of 3-5 times a week on the treadmill.  (This should be easy, all I have to do is convince my body to get up in the morning!)

2) Find an agent to represent my polished Sleeping Handsome (when it is ready, of course!)

3) Finish The Ruby Dagger (my NaNo project)

4) Edit The Lost Princess to reflect the changes from Sleeping Handsome (and to reach my word count)

5) Begin drafting A Different Kind of Knight

6) Begin outlining Daphne's story (no working title yet!)

7) Spend lots of quality time with family and friends

8) Keep active with my blog post (I am still aiming for M-F, unless things become really hectic in life)

Well, I think that's a good start.  How about you?  What resolutions are you making?  Do you need help being accountable to them?  Share below!

Happy New Year everyone!

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