Thursday, December 9, 2010

Long hand or Computer

When you're writing, do you sit with pen and paper or do you sit with keyboard and screen and create those scenes that will take people away to another world?

I usually write on my netbook, but this week, after procrastinating at working on my WIP, I picked up my notebook and colored pen (yes, I like to write in a variety of colors when I write longhand), and was able to start a scene.  It wasn't a very good scene, as I found out when I typed it into my document, but when I printed it out to look at it and edit it, I found it was a good basis to start with.  It was a starting point I wouldn't have had if I had just kept staring at my blank computer screen.

So, how do you prefer to write?  Do you switch back and forth (like me), or do you stick with one method?

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  1. I do both too. Sometimes I can work on the computer nonstop and be okay with it, but other times, when I don't feel like dragging it around the house with me I write long hand.

    There is just more that flows with the inks sometimes then with the tapping of my fingers. It frees my mind to let my hand glide across the paper so freely.


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